Christmas Decor Tree Red Nature Art | Golden Horizon

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This is one of my original hand-made painting that I have available for Immediate shipping. 

- Golden Horizon Christmas Tree Nature Art Paintings

Golden Horizon painting depicts a stunning sunset of mixed colors. The warm colors of the sky blend seamlessly with the cool tones of the sky, creating a sense of harmony and balance. The brushstrokes are loose and expressive, giving the painting a sense of movement and energy. This Artwork captures the beauty of nature. The clouds are arranged in an arrey pattern, creating a sense of movement and flow. The colors are warm and inviting, evoking a sense of comfort and coziness.

- Size: 48"x 36"Unstretched Canvas. 
- Hand Painted, Signed and Dated by Artist Maitreyii
- Please allow me at least 2 to 3 weeks to paint and ship.

Painting is coated with high-gloss varnish to protect it from any
color fading or sunlight damage. I usually sell my paintings as
unstretched rolled carefully packaged in a rigid tube to avoid
oversize shipping fee and to reduce chances of getting damage in
transit. Once you receive, you can get it stretched or framed at you
local framing services. There is always extra 2" margin around the
painting for stretching/framing.