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About Artist Maitreyii

Maitreyii fine art is currently one of the most popular Art Gallery dealing with online sales of artworks. We are ready to offer you magnificent, high-quality artworks created by Dallas Artist Maitreyii. All works are original Hand signed by Artist Maitreyii. All works presented by her gallery are meticulously checked and carefully selected, so that every customer may enjoy original artworks. Maitreyii's exposition is continuously expanded and regularly renewed. Her gallery hosts practically all art styles and directions; therefore, she makes sure that you will certainly find exactly what you need.
Should you feel difficulty in choosing any artwork presented by Maitreyii fine art, She would gladly assist you in making a perfect choice. She will help you in finding most suitable artwork for your Home, Office and lobby. Maitreyii's priority is providing most comfortable, high-quality and fast services to her customers. She does her best for you to enjoy her service and the quality of the artworks you choose: Oil and Acrylic paintings from her site will enrich your collection as they truly are original and professional art pieces being affordable at the same time.

Maitreyii has been selling her artwork internationally in many countries and her art was admired every places. She work solely in her own workshop on ideas and new creations. A few of her paintings are on the site and she would love to be of any assistance if you would want your interiors or exteriors decorated with her paintings.

Few Words from Artist Maitreyii

I grew up in an artistic family, influenced by both my Mom and Beauty of Nature. I love Nature and its views. Their beauty touches my heart in a way I cannot live with out that. I loved to draw and create painting, and the natural views naturally became my theme. The beauty I see in this world is inspiring and real.

My father was a doctor and also an amazing artist. When he died in a road accident, my mother appeared as a very strong lady, she became glue and sticked her seven children all together in a very hard time. She gave us a very good moral education and taught us how to live altogether and support each other in a good and a bad time. We have seen since childhood lives up and down and have learned how to live and solve the problems of certain challenges when they come in our life. Under the loving shelter of a great lady we all brothers and sisters grew up enough big to stand in our own feet. We all brothers and sister chose to do different type of business. I got degree in fashion designing and won best designer's award of the year. I started my own business in garments and became a manufacturer of designer cloths and own a company. After getting a successful business certainly I moved US and started a small business here, my creative mind became part of my new business.

Having my new business, I never forgot that the talent I got from my father.  I decided to offer my talent and inspiration of my artwork to share with this world.

I am a self taught Artist, I have begun my career almost fifteen years ago and within these years I have chartered for myself a strong identity within the community of Abstract art. My designs are a reflection of a classical mix of the ethnic, modern and natural arts. Furthermore, I use mixed media, oil paintings and acrylic paints and find objects, to enhance the visual and textural aspects of my paintings. I paint daily and involve myself in various art related activities. Finally, I believe art to be a very powerful form of self-expression.